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Yvette Cornelia

Violinist and vocalist Yvette Cornelia writes adventurous chamber folk songs, enlivened by her crafted string arrangements. Her latest release of original work "What Lies Ahead" is performed by a nine-piece ensemble of female vocal trio, clarinet, strings, and rhythm section. These songs take a listener on a captivating journey that explores dichotomies between freedom and control – wild natural forces and disciplined human will – flow states and measured time.


Straddling the line between highly arranged forms (classical chamber, pop) and more improvised styles (jazz, folk), Cornelia’s unconventional songwriting delightfully surprises. There is an alluring feeling of open possibility.  She delivers universal questions with intimacy and emotional complexity – sensing both the light and dark in the unknown.

Miroslav Tadić (guitarist) and Yvette Holzwarth (violinist, vocalist) are best known as a duo for performing unique arrangements based on the rich treasury of Balkan folkloric music and incorporating improvisation from a wide range of styles. Together they create a musical universe that combines and juxtaposes material from many sources — including  Baroque, Flamenco, North Indian classical music, Eastern European folk traditions, Americana, Blues, Jazz, and Rock.  Tadić's pioneering work on the guitar and Holzwarth's sensitivity and responsiveness come together in a symbiotic dialogue using the language of expressive inflections, rhythms, and sonic experimentation. Take a journey into their musical playground.


Desert Quill Quartet is a co-devised group of performer-composers from diverse geographical and musical backgrounds. Their instrumentation opens an unplaceable and rich acoustic sonic palette—welcoming in improvisatory soundscapes, kinetic grooves, and personal/place-based compositions. Through multi-disciplinary collaborations, recordings, and live performances, you will hear cued in-the-moment sonic transformations that invite ears of all kinds. Whether moving sound and space with dancers, soundtracking stop animations, or playing on mountain tops, in basements or in concert halls— DQQ sparks a fresh and joyfully far-reaching ethos to contemporary music making and human connection.

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