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LUKA  by Miroslav Tadić i Yvette Holzwarth

Croatia Records 2021

Miroslav Tadić and Yvette Holzwarth are a unique violin and guitar duo that perform arrangements based on the rich treasury of East European folk music while incorporating improvisation from a wide range of styles — Baroque, Flamenco, Blues, Jazz, Americana, and more. Their voices come together in a symbiotic dialogue using the language of expressive inflections, rhythms, and sonic experimentation. Take a journey into their musical playground.

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Album artwork by Nevena Tadić

WHAT LIES AHEAD  by Yvette Cornelia

Self-released  2018

What Lies Ahead is the debut full-length LP of classically-trained violinist and singer-songwriter Yvette Cornelia. These songs emerged while living in an intentional community in the forests of Northern California and then developed after returning to Los Angeles and finding her dream nine-person ensemble. Here, Yvette’s string arrangements and melodic precision steer a path through the clouded landscape of her heart's desire, only to come undone by the communitas of improvisatory chamber folk.


Album cover by Caitlyn Tella

What Lies Ahead

NIGHTBLOOM   by the Desert Quill Quartet

Caoba Records  2020

Desert Quill Quartet (DQQ) is a performer-composer collective featuring Dan Gonzalez (clarinet), Yvette Holzwarth (violin), Patrick Behnke (viola), and Ben Finley (double bass).  

In February of 2019, a month before the COVID-19 pandemic, the Desert Quill Quartet recorded in one of their favorite places: their friend Jared’s basement in LA’s Chinatown. “Nightbloom” is an unscripted rekindling of friendship. It scratches, grooves, boils, lifts and soars as a form of contemporary music making that searches for human (and nonhuman) connection. Like a cactus flower that blooms once a year for a single night, the tracks unfolds. 


Cover drawing by Patrick Behnke, Cover design by Dan Gonzalez

OPEN IT UP  by Yvette Cornelia

Self-released  2013

In collaboration with her friend/cellist/engineer, Chris Votek, Yvette recorded this EP of songs in a free and unrestrained spirit. Glockenspiel, guzheng, and various percussive toys dot the sonic landscape. Layering vocals and strings, Yvette produces an "experimental, classically inflected approach to folk/pop. The songs on this EP are lushly orchestrated, often with Yvette's violin or vocal harmonies at the front of the deep arrangements. The melodies are winding and unexpected but they float on top of a jazzy rhythm section. Not similar to much... it has to speak for itself" (the modern folk music of america).


Album cover photograph by Adam Wolpert

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