What Lies Ahead is the debut full-length LP of classically-trained violinist and singer-songwriter Yvette Cornelia, who has recorded with independent artists the likes of Van Dyke Parks, Gaby Moreno, and Kamasi Washington. Here, Yvette’s string arrangements and melodic precision steer a path through the clouded landscape of her heart's desire, only to come undone by the communitas of improvisatory chamber folk.


released April 2, 2018 

(Included are .WAV Files & Album Artwork Image File)


1. What Lies Ahead 04:22

2.When Dust Settles 04:38

3. Cut a Canyon 05:02

4. Minutes Stretch 05:23

5. Up Here 02:56

6. Acoma Palos 04:47

7. Make Room 03:43

Yvette Holzwarth, voice, violin, and viola
Kat Shuman and Elsa Lund, vocals
Caleb Veazey, guitar
Dan Gonzalez, keys and clarinet
Ben Finley, bass
Nick Hon, drumset

Guest artists:
Miroslav Tadić, guitar (Acoma Palos)
Brandon Coleman, synth solo (Up Here)
Todd Barneson, mandolin (When Dust Settles)

Cover art: Caitlyn Tella
Recording engineer: Nadim Issa
Mixing engineer: Davy Sumner
Mastering engineer: Daniel Walter Eaton



What Lies Ahead album